Newborn essentials and must haves 2019. What you need for baby and things I swear by and use daily! Postpartum and mommy essentials!

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Probiotic Drops:
Haaka Pump:
Storage Bags:
Velcro Swaddles:
Gas Relieve Sticks:
Breast Pads:
Changing Pad Liners:
Burp Cloths:
Favorite Baby store for gowns & swaddles:
Baby Wrap:
Nursing Pillow:
Stroller + Car Seat:

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My Double Name Necklace (16 inch):
Toddler Car Seat:
My Initial Necklace:
My Eyeglasses:
My Sunglasses:

Curling Wand (for hair):
Lip Liner:
Lip Gloss:
Face Powder:

Bendy Tripod:
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  1. Thank you so much for this video! We were pregnant at the same time, my baby boy was born on May 18. Thank you SO MUCH for recommending the Windy tool by Fridababy, I received it today from Amazon and it was a life changer already! You are the best!

  2. I used gowns for my first son and I absolutely hated them because the arms were so tight it was horrible getting them on and off and never tried them again because of this reason but the ones you're using they kind of look like they're made differently now

  3. I'm so excited for my Haakaa pump, I wish I had it when I was breastfeeding my daughter. Thank you for sharing these essentials, I'm expecting a little boy in a couple of months and looking for things to try.

  4. Dr Browns has weighted animals like that and you can attach and detach any pacifier. Target and amazon carry them. You could definitely attach the Ryan and rose cutie pat.

  5. I have that swing! I swear by the side to side swing. My first born had a swing that just went front to back she HATED it. With my 2nd i got a swing that went side to side and it was a LIFESAVER, totally agree with those. I bought those comotomo bottles too, hope my LO likes them. Your hair looks amazing btw <3

  6. Thank you for this video it’s great! You talk the perfect amount and described every product perfectly. Helped a lot for my registry. ❤️

  7. I would definitely look into the hello bello diapers, they are awesome! The honest brand are actually there competitor but hello bello are a lot cheaper in price. Sold online or at Walmart.

  8. its recommended that the wubbanub not be used for night time sleep.. of course we can all make our own decisions as parents ive done things that arent recommended but i just wanted to let you know

  9. Maybe get him ranitidine, acid reflux is painful and there’s a risk of aspiration. Instead of just probiotic drops and the windy…

  10. No hate mama but those swaddle blankets are not recommended, the positioning of the legs can lead to hip dysplasia. Check out . There are tons of hip healthy swaddles out there! I had no idea and used the swaddle me swaddles until a friend told me to check out the site. We now use halo swaddles !

  11. Omg I never heard of the Windi before! I’ve been struggling the past few days with my 2 week old & this is definitely what he needs! Just ordered it on amazon. Thank you so much 🙌🏼

  12. When you said you give Q a bottle before bed, is it breastmilk or formula? No judgement- I have a 2 month old and I’m just curious if maybe giving him a bottle of formula at night would help him sleep longer. He’s still waking up every 2-3 hours 😴

  13. AWSOME list! My baby girl is a week younger than Quinton. We have the dockatot and snuggle me and our little girl. Prefers the snuggle me. For sleeping and the dockatot for loungeing awake but dosent like to. Sleep. In it

  14. I was just saying “Everyone loves those wubanubs but I don’t see how they work without baby smacking it down or away” and then you said you give it to him swaddled and I’m like “oooooohhhhhhhh😑 duhhh😂•

  15. Not the only reason I'm sure- but a big reason rainbows are "trendy" now is because a rainbow baby is a live child after a miscarriage or a baby born sleeping. And I think companies are starting to make things with that in mind. Which is really sweet. 🙂 Having my rainbow baby in December! 🌈

  16. As much as this is helpful.. The sleep thing,that is similar to the docatot is Very dangerous to sleep in. The babies could suffocate if they go into the sides, and because the air doesn’t circulate and they are breathing in carbon dioxide. I’m sorry just concerned. Please read up on it

  17. This was a much needed video for me. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and still need to get stuff for my little one your video helped me a lot. Thank you!

  18. Thanks girl!! I'm 26 weeks with my second boy and I have most things saved from my first but would love to get some of these for the second one.💜💙

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