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This video is sponsored by Walmart, and as always all opinions are of my own.

DOHM sound machine
Baby gowns
Fisher price snugapuppy bouncer
Lille baby carrier
Nose Frida
ComoTomo bottles
Mam bottles
Sit me up floor seat
Babyganics suncscreen
Babyganics baby wash
Babyganics face sunscreen
Mam pacis
Avent pacis
Hello Bello wipes
Hello Bello wash
2 pack baby rompers (stars)
Green tree footed sleeper
Green stripe onesie Henley
Gray and white Henley onesie ($4!)

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  1. I think I subscribed around Copper's first birthday. Can't believe it's been that long already.

    I feel like you'll appreciate this but Blippi is on the "recommended for you'' list as I'm watching this. 😂😂 I can't seem to escape him.

  2. Did you ever use a breast pump while nursing and if so, could you please recommend one? My daughter is due Aug. 6 and I'd love to get her a good one

  3. I found your channel one day when I was looking for sunless tanner reviews, I loved the vibe you put off so I started watching your videos regularly at that point. You were pregnant with Cash at the time, by the end of your pregnancy I got pregnant and now my baby girl is almost a year old!!

  4. Stop!! Must inform you… That body wash is not hypoallergenic. I am allergic to avocado. Its rare allergy but I am if I used it on my baby I could die.. So to the people who make this product.. Dont mislead mothers by saying its hypoallergenic… Cause is still has allergens that can harm someone.. But side not thank you for making it known to my knowlege NOT to buy that baby wash…

  5. I’ve been watching a little over a year, since my baby #3 was born! I think the first video I watched was what was in your hospital bag with cash!

  6. The sound machine is essential!! I got 2 from Amazon. A different brand however it's the best decision we have made as a family! We have a 26 month old (2years 2months😆) a soon to be one year old (July 4th) and our 3rd on the way Sep. 18th. So WE NEED THESE THINGS! I also do the same with breastfeeding and co-sleeping. It totally works for us.

  7. Omg I totally agree with your advice about baby bottles! I also mentioned it in my baby regrets video, I had also sets of dr. Brown bottles, and avent, and my baby didn’t take them! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Oh my yes! My kids were so different my son would only take a nuk pacifier, and Evenflo bottles, my 2nd mam pacifiers dr Browns bottles 3rd plates drop ins and wouldn’t take a pacifier at all 4th would only use Tom yippie

  9. Been watching since before you were pregnant with Cash! 🙂 we use Hello Bello diapers and I LOVE them! My baby boy has super sensitive skin and can’t use any of the more regularly used brands of diapers, he has to use the natural ones. We were using honest company because that’s all he could wear and then Hello Bello came out! If you are going to use those for baby C you should check out the subscription box from them…. it’s sooo nice to have diapers and wipes just show up on your doorstep 😁

  10. I found your channel and have been watching since you were pregnant with Cash. I was pregnant with my now 14 month old daughter. It was nice to watch you a a few other YT moms who were pregnant at the same time as me. I knew when you had Cash, I was getting close to having my baby girl. Haha! Love the NoseFrida. Also, we purchased the Ikea Antilop highchair upon your recommendation. So inexpensive and easy to clean. We love it!

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