Flowers make a lovely centerpiece at a baby shower, but instead of the real thing, give the mother-to-be a bouquet of blooms from baby onesies and wash cloths as a gift. For this project you’ll need short-sleeved onesies, wash cloths, rubber bands, floral tape, Styrofoam, large popsicle sticks, a flower pot, and artificial leaves. Start by folding the onesie into a long rectangle, place a popsicle stick at the bottom of the onesie and roll until completely wrapped. Secure the bloom with a rubber band around the rolled onesie and fold down the edges. Next, wrap floral tape half way down to create a green base. Do the same with the wash cloth by first folding it into a long rectangle and then repeating the same steps. Arrange the flowers in the Styrofoam. Finally, fill in the spaces with artificial leaves.

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  1. whoever is talking sounds like she's dying! I don't see how they are getting these rose looking. I have rolled many times and still cant get it……they don't look like roses and they don't turn down at the flap

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