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  1. Eloise is the prettiest baby girl I've ever seen, oh my God! No wonder, both of her parents are so beautiful haha <3 such a precious little family, all my love for you xx

  2. I think it’s amazing that you are still so active on YouTube! Even with two little babes you still find time and passion! Thank you for all the awesome content! 💟

  3. the breast milk is also good when you freeze it/because/if/god for bid /you get a cold or a bug for a couple of days you will have the milk already and he will not get sick//my doctor always said when your sick do not breast feed/just wanted to let you know that//

  4. First time user for the silicon pump too! I love it! I've never been able to pump AND nurse before. This has been huge! I collected 35 ounces of milk the first week just from catching all the let down!!

    Also, I love how alert Theodore is! My baby boy sleeps a lot, but maybe it's because he was 2 weeks early whereas Theodore was overdue! It'll be so fun to see our little ones grow at the same time!! 😀

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